Taking inspiration from the French maritime tradition, Armor-lux produces authentic pieces such as the mariniere, the Breton sweater, the wool peacoat, the raincoat, and our famous striped slippers.

Inspired by the sea, Armor-Lux targets a clientele looking for a trendly urban style as well as a population seeking well-made and timeless nautical pieces.


The authentic breton striped shirt

Rooted in its Breton heritage with a modern sensibility, Armor-lux embodies the independant spirit of the sea.

Our authentic stripe shirts are steeped in the history of the classic Mariniere.

A staple of Breton sailors for generations, the classic 21 stripe design became the uniform of the French Navy, by an Act of France in 1858.

Today, Armor-lux continues with this tradition with a full collection of updated classics in our proprietary fabrics knitted exclusively in our mill.

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